Frozen Semen.

The following Studs and Vet Centres have Frozen Semen in storage and are able to offer a high quality AI service.

Chine House Veterinary Hospital.

Contact John Dickerson on

01509 812445

Sileby Hall, Cossington Road, Sileby,

Leicestershire. LE12 7RS


Hobgoblins Stud,

Duddleswell, Ashdown Forest,

East Sussex TN22 3BH

Tel: +44 (0) 1825 713631


Oakham Veterinary Hospital,

Matt Hecking, Stud Manager
01572 722647 or 07802 674569
Ashwell Road, Oakham,

Rutland, LE15 7QH



Stallion AI Services, Twemlows Hall.

Weston Stud is keen to promote Frozen Semen. For more information on its use and availability in your area

please contact us.

Frozen Semen . Is it any good?

This is a the question we have to answer most frequently when breeders are considering chilled or frozen for their mare. All we can say is that frozen semen is the highest quality available. The stallion has to be disease free and every collection is rigorously checked both before and after freezing. If it falls below standard in any test, it's dumped!.

The main advantage of frozen is that it is ordered and delivered to the Vet or Stud in advance. It is conveniently ready for use at any time, day or night. Ultra-sound scanning pinpoints imminent ovulation and usually two inseminations are made.

With Chilled an order has to be made about 24hrs in advance of ovulation, overnight carriers provide a very reliable service but only Tuesday to Saturday. If ovulation is predicted for a Sunday or Monday a dash to the stallion to collect a box may be the only option. The Bank Holidays in May compound this problem even further. When Chilled goes according to plan with a fertile mare it is very reliable and many Vets use it with confidence and recommend it.

Frozen Semen is slowly gaining ground with improvements in quality and insemination techniques. These improvements are making it an increasingly viable alternative with vets.

Probably its greatest potential is the opportunity to access the international market. The ability to market a stallion globally and equally have access to stallions around the world provides huge opportunities to breeders.

Crème de la Crime

Our first foal born in USA from Frozen Semen.

The filly out of a dutch warmblood mare was born on 11th April 2008.